It Has Been an Interesting Trip

Of course in the movies mistaken identity is usually a device for comedy or for getting the hero involved in a murder mystery. I had no real clue what was going on, but someone with my name has to be really disappointed. At any rate I was in my hotel room finishing up my work for the week, thinking about what I wanted to get for supper. Then two girls knocked on my door. They were gorgeous, in their mid twenties and apparently had been sent by an escort service near Provo UT. They wanted to see a guy with my name and apparently they had already been paid for. I told them that I did not know anything about it, but this did not slow them down even a little. They had been sent to do a job and they intended to do it whether I wanted them to or not. I tried to figure out if I knew someone who could afford something like this or if maybe I had a long lost uncle.

At any rate I soon realized that they were not only there for the one thing, someone had paid for the entire weekend. It seemed obvious to me that it was supposed to be a bribe at that point and I remembered that my supervisor was supposed to be in the hotel room instead of me. He had been taken to a different trip, people were asking him questions about his numbers and thinking that they did not look like they should. In fact it looks a lot like I may have a shot at his job. So I started to think that maybe this was related. At any rate the two girls took me out to a really nice dinner, people stared at me and I liked it to be honest.

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My Old Boss is Done Caring

They sent me out to see him the other day, I had a bunch of papers they wanted him to read and sign. Then they wanted me to talk him into going back behind the big desk on the 19th floor. I would have laughed at them about the last part, the man is obscenely rich after a lifetime of hard work and brilliant investing. He seems to have decided that when he gets bored of the blonde escorts in Las Vegas he will try a brunette or something more exotic. Being a true genius he seems to have gone to work for new clients and not for money. I showed up at this ranch he owns. He told me he had a big bruise on his butt from playing cowboy and offered to show it to me. I told him that everyone had seen him show his ass for decades and we were all tired of it. He invited me to a business meeting, the most interesting one I ever attended. Continue reading “My Old Boss is Done Caring”