My Old Boss is Done Caring

They sent me out to see him the other day, I had a bunch of papers they wanted him to read and sign. Then they wanted me to talk him into going back behind the big desk on the 19th floor. I would have laughed at them about the last part, the man is obscenely rich after a lifetime of hard work and brilliant investing. He seems to have decided that when he gets bored of the blonde escorts in Las Vegas he will try a brunette or something more exotic. Being a true genius he seems to have gone to work for new clients and not for money. I showed up at this ranch he owns. He told me he had a big bruise on his butt from playing cowboy and offered to show it to me. I told him that everyone had seen him show his ass for decades and we were all tired of it. He invited me to a business meeting, the most interesting one I ever attended.

There were nine girls there, all of them between 25 and their early thirties I would guess. All of them were extremely beautiful and they all seemed to have ample bosoms. Around half of them were wearing bikinis and one of them was only wearing a sheer white shirt with nothing underneath. He showed me a contract and told them all that if something happened to him they should get me to take over the deal. I looked it over briefly and realized that they were borrowing a huge sum of money for an indoor water park. I had in fact already done the studies needed on similar projects. As soon as they realized that one of them sat in my lap and asked if I had a wife. Of course she left awhile ago.