Renault Megane 2011 Review, Price, Picture

Renault Megane 2011 Review, Price, Picture, what car reviews today, For this years only we also proud with our product then introduction of new Renault Megane GT and GT Line stands out for athletic indices inside and outside. their sporting character is further emphasized by the blue body Malta (exclusive to this version), and Dark Metal (dark gray) or polished finish details of carbon. Look like new special GT / GT online bumper air intake isa central reconstituted by inserting the center of a glossy black that the record supports. The fog lamps are stored in the profile, niche of dark metal on each side of the bumper. Radiator skiing around the unique personality of the new Renault Megane GT and GT front.2011 Renault Megane GT Line News Reviews, while in the rear which has a rear aerodynamic diffuser.

Frame around the windscreen and a new gondola Renault Megane Coupe GT and GT lines in the Dark Metal (not satin chrome). For more detailed specification our company to offer new Renault Megane Sedan GT and GT Line Plantation inherit the same “sports suspension” as the Megane Coupe. As with the Megane Coupe, ride height was lowered by 12 mm. align the new version of the GT and GT-place Renault Megane Coupe emphasis on comfort and ride height of these features with the standard model.

2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost Review & Price

Autoobiles of Rolls-Royce stature aren’t expected to change capriciously. This past year though, the term “new” was affixed to this fabled British marque with the appearance of a Ghost. This smaller sibling to the Phantom has demonstrated genuine Rolls-Royce attributes, this, despite being based on lesser mechanicals. (But when the latter are those of a sumptuous BMW 7 Series, who’s to quibble?)

Indeed, we did very little quibbling in our August 2010 comparison test of the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur; wondrous cars, both.

The 2011 Ghost is priced at $245,000. Phantom models are $380,000, $408,000, $443,000 and $450,000 for Sedan, Coupe, Drophead Coupe and Extended Wheelbase Sedan, respectively. Bespoke opportunities exist as well.

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