Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift. Suzuki Swift is a new and be a future class. With a very beautiful design, this car is very suitable for yong people who needs speed and high lifestyle. This car with high technology, and also efficient.

Suzuki swift 2011 has a gasoline engine which has 1.2 liter. It choose to replace the old machine with 1.3 liter gasoline capacity. The new machine was completed wit VVTI, it cause an increase power until 92hp. This car has luxurious interior.

2011 Proton Exora Supreme Review & Price

Many people who like to travel with the family making the MPV vehicle as the primary choice. Car manufacturers were set up in droves MPV type car. Not to forget the new Proton MPV variant that issued the Supreme Exora with engine capacity of 1600 cc.

To determine whether MPV cars from Malaysia was able to compete with other MPV in Indonesia we find out.Proton Exora 4592 m in length, width and height of 1692 m. 1809 Beyond simply stunning design with a slightly bent lamp design. The back of the car is very similar to MPV cars from Japan, Mitsubishi Grandis.

Leather-clad interior is gray and fairly smooth. To the great relief of the passenger cabin. No less with MPV Toyota Kijang. But compared with the Honda Freed, Proton Exora more relieved.Adopts the front seat captain seat equipped with handrest on the inside. Features embeddable regular classified as radio, CD player, bluetooth.

For third-row seats can be folded up parallel to the floor of the cabin. Conditions that support your hobby a long journey and brings a lot of luggage such as suitcases. Unfortunately the third seat feels cramped. Passenger knee stuck in the back seat of a second.

Machine is turned on, rauman engine is very smooth. Speedometer lamp technology adopted European car where the lights flash when the engine started.

At night, the lights dimmed speedometer to minimize glare level riders. The panels on the dashboard and easy dootrim functioned and easy to reach by the driver.

Transmission lever placed in D. Gas pressured subtly adjust the concept car that was for the family. So no need Geber Campro CPS engine 1.6-liter four cylinder DOHC 16 V which can give off power 125 hp at 6500 rpm and torque of 150 Nm at 4500 rpm.

Gearshift feels smooth. Unfortunately, the machine when it howled like stuck in low rpm around 1500-2000 rpm.

Proton claims the car can move from point Exora 0-100 km / h with a time of 15.5 seconds. Maximum engine speed is claimed to reach 165 km / hour.

Fun is not only transmission option D, there are also 2.3 and L that can be enabled to rise and fall.

So if you want to feel the beat of the engine at the beginning, you can plug in the automatic transmission lever L. Engine roar was heard up to the passenger cabin, but the usual things.

When asked to drag the front and rear suspension MacPherson strut and torsion beam able to withstand turbulent road. When the maneuver to the left and right, suspension capable of reducing fairly well. Character suspension is softer than Innova, but when the roads have been invited to perform very well.

Proton Exora braking system uses ventilated disc brakes in front and drum in rear. And for the safety of Supreme Exora already apply SRS airbags.

Now, for features like Proton is really preparing Exora value plus the integration of television at the top center of the folded. Features like providing its own pleasure for the rear passengers.

And in the afternoon, rear passengers do not have to worry about overheating. For Proton Exora a blower AC until the third row seat. Located on the roof and more integrated than a Toyota Avanza. AC funnel more like the Toyota Innova.

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