The Waynesboro Learning & Technology Center (W.A.L.T.) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit providing computer training and development as an outreach initiative to the cities of Waynesboro, Staunton and counties of Augusta, Nelson and surrounding rural communities.

WALT is located in downtown Waynesboro and is the only entity of its kind that exists in the Shenandoah Valley. It is part of a new paradigm called “digital inclusion” that works to ensure that individuals and disadvantaged groups have public access to computers and training that will take them to a new level of self-sufficiency.

WALT’s goal is to reduce the “skills gaps” that exist in the community. Our programs and services are helping individuals improve their computer skills, prepare for new opportunities, retain existing jobs or advance within employment. Our services offer the tools for computer literacy and competency that meets the needs of individuals to develop-improve their technical skills.

For Learners

The Waynesboro Area Learning & Technology Center’s purpose is to educate, motivate and provide leadership through collaboration with peers, experts and organizations to promote a digital community of learning.

WALT, parents and partners, are dedicated to providing a diverse, supportive and collaborative learning environment. We offer youth and adults an excellent place for education, the opportunity to learn, interact and build relationships with each other.

For Businesses

The Waynesboro Area Learning & Technology Center serves as a small business resource by providing technical training to proprietors and employees in intermediate and advanced Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Intuit QuickBooks. Other business development courses are: Creating a Social Media Strategy, Social Networking for Business Growth, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Our courses and seminars are reasonable in price and small in size, and are taught by experienced instructor on up-to-date equipment and software.

WALT ‘s goal is to assist current and potential business owners in rural communities with technical skills and training resources that will assist them to start, own and operate a successful small business

                        COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS

                    WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US

                       A few quotes from people who have taken courses here –

A few quotes from people who have taken courses here –

“I want to thank WALT for providing me with excellent training in Basic Computer, Microsoft Word and Excel classes. I am especially impressed by the staff’s interest in assisting individuals who need to learn new skills to overcome hurdles of finding employment. The classes have provided the opportunity to update my skills with the latest changes. I look forward to continuing my education with WALT, advancing my computer skills and staying ahead of the ever changing technology”
I LOVE W.A.L.T!! These people saved my bacon!! I took lessons here to learn Excel and Jerry, Janet and Carolyn were all EXTREMELY kind and patient with me. Carolyn spent many long hours teaching me Excel and I was so grateful to now have greatly improved skills that I use at my job every single workday. Its not as easy to learn when you get older and here I am in my fifties with a need for Excel but great trepidation going into learning computer skills. I truly don’t know what I would have done without these folks.
“I feel that the courses at WALT are the best that I have taken for learning about computers. I have taken courses at the local libraries, but they were not nearly as beneficial as the courses at the Waynesboro Area Learning & Technology Center. They [WALT] take the time to explain and demonstrate the lessons so that I could understand. The keyboarding class gave me a chance to work at my pace. I would strongly recommend it to others as it was recommended to me.”